Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Giving up is an option, but not the only option.

Her heart was flammable towards the unwanted chaos of the world. No matter how much she covered her ears those taunts and puns would prick her like pointed needle. The society mortified her every single time she walked on the road. Her parents wanted her to become a well known doctor and study human biology. But she dreamt of becoming something else. Something her heart pounds for. Something of her own. Yes, she wanted to start up her own business, she dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur.

But....Yeah, in a country like India; these "buts" of society murder the only flame of passion burning within the young youths.  Many of us are familiar with Sharma uncle's son. She didn't wanted to be like him. She didn't wanted to live his life, but of her own. Family was not much supportive as they had a preconception that it won't provide her with much sum amount of money, plus there are mountains of risks in the journey of an entrepreneur especially for a girl. That latter words hit her the most.

She thought a lot about it one night, may be it does has risks. But one shouldn't drop the idea just out of fear; without even giving it a try. Her parents were in no mood to allow her for the purpose. She wanted to live her own life, rather than her parents. "What if i become a doctor. What if i make my parents proud by holding a degree of MBBS. But that wouldn't make me proud. That wouldn't make me happy. Even if i will be rich and busy with my parents contented; i wont be living a life i want. But if i wont be a doctor that would hurt my parents and i don't want that". All these thoughts kept revolving round her mind all night, and she couldn't come out with a solution making her angry and frustrated.

Just when she was about to give up, a sound echoed in her mind. Sound so familiar. It was her own voice, straight from the heart. which kept reciting motivational verses. Making her think what could her family and friends would go through by the pain of her loss. She knew giving up was an option, but not the only option. She was influenced by her own angels which encouraged her to take risk, to do something for herself. So she stood up on her feet again, all brave and careless towards the chit chat society. Walking on her own path, following her own terms and norms, being a leader but not by following others direction. She worked hard upon her passion. Though secretly from her parents, but later when they were informed by her and seeing her immense success, they were never proud of their daughter before. Seeing her work with such dedication and honesty towards something she likes a lot made their eyes wet everytime.

Today, she is the owner of a billion dollar company, with thousands employees and over 27 branches all over india. If only she had not followed her instints and her heart and had courage to do what she likes, her scenario would be completely different today.

Now, you might be wondering who is this brave woman. Well, she just exist in my words, in this story and in our minds. Yeah, its just a story but somehow somewhere based upon real life stories of great owner of great companies who have struggled a lot to reach to the sky. Who have stepped out, disagreeing with their closed ones, following their heart to become the most prestigious people today. Steve Jobs, Dick Costolo, Mark Zuckerberg and my most fav, Varun Agarwal and many others are such examples.

Just don't be afraid guys. All those taunts and pricks wont matter at all once you set up your own empire. If you have passion, will, desire and dedication towards something and you see your future really going that way, don't think about any other thing, just give it a chance and you will be the most contented and happy person and you will surely not regret the life you lived when you will look back at the past counting last days of your life.

-Tejal Sushir

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