Saturday, 16 July 2016

Why are we here?

Do you ever wonder about this? What are we doing here in this world? What's the purpose behind our existence? For what reason we've been brought to this very life. What's our aim? Each and every one of us has to definitely die one day. Where will we go after dying. Will we ever be able to see our family again anyhow? Is there really an afterlife? Or at the end we will only be buried deep into the soil and get degraded there and never come into existence ever again. This everything scares me sometimes. I have been given a life. What should i do, to make this one life that i've been given, worth living.

I need to use this life to my fullest. Do something for this society, for this country, for this world, before i depart. I have such a less time to do something big.

As a traveller in this journey called life, i often frantically wonder, and all these questions keep revolving round my head. What will happen when we will die? There is this earth, all these stars and planets, bunch of galaxies, what's beyond all these? What's beyond this universe, this space?

As we can mostly see in the rains, when the rainwater gets filled or gets collected into the potholes on the road or at any other places, mostly in the shallow pits of the corners, the water usually remains stagnant. And it leads to flies and other insects wander and stray around it. And that causes many harmful diseases for the people living around that area.
This reference can also be used with our human brain. Yes, our human brain. It's a very popular saying that "an empty mind is devil's workshop". It can easily be explained as, when our brain is not in work or when we are being too lazy, lying on the bed, resting all day doing nothing progressive, i.e when it's in a stagnant position; many negative thought's begin to dwell and wonder round our brain. We tend to think about something wrong. Because when your mind is not busy, it gets frustrated inducing boredum in the sence and drive your mind to think about negative and wrong things. And that my friend's consequently causes harm to us and our life.

So don't just always be free. Don't let your brain rot. Keep yourself busy with some or the other thing, something that make you feel alive. Make your self worth living. Don't waste your life doing nothing, staring into nothingness and in the void of negative thoughts. Keep it busy and engaged with any activity that you like, that make you happy, something that is your passion. And if you haven't found or figured out yet, what your heart beats for, find that out. Go discover the world. This is a big universe and as said by Steve Jobs, "We are here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here."

So get up guys. Get yourself up from that lazy comfy couch, and engage yourself in some productive activity. Do something, instead of wasting this precious life. Thank your family and friends for everything, before its too late. Go out and dance under the sunshine, walk in the rain, swim in the ocean, fly in the sky, discover the world and consequently, you will discover yourself.

-Tejal Sushir


  1. Awesome😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Afterlife ??!!! ����������
    Is there really an afterlife ?

    There is no need for afterlife, even after death one can be alive ...
    Yes ,u read it right , alive even after death ...
    It is possible ,
    What is death?
    A person truly dies when he is forgotten by the people of world ,
    So do something that creates a dent in the universe and u be alive even after death,

    Death isn't an apology ...