Saturday, 13 August 2016

Gotta catch 'em all! Really?

All of a sudden a notification popped up into his mobile screen during maths lecture. He got excited. His eyes dazzled with hope. He equally got nervous and started sweating. He wanted to go out with his cell phone, hands started shaking, fingers tickling, a rush of blood flowing through his veins. Getting all nervous he couldn't take it anymore. He immediately stood up and screamed, "Sir, may i go to washroom." As soon as he was permitted he hastily rushed out of the class, following the route and ending up at another pokestop. Yes, all the excitement was just for the chase and an hope of getting a new pokemon.

Like seriously, what has happened to this world. This kind of craze was not even found at that time when the pokemon show used to forecast on the television in the late 90's and early 20's.
Like people are actually leaving their job for hunting pokemon's. Travelling the globe just for collecting pokemon's. But for what? For whom? Is there any kind of prize or will they be awarded with money or anything valuable? Okay, it's a game. So simply play it as a game. Why so serious? I know people are huge huge and huge pokemon fan, like there are so many childhood memories attached with that show. I do completely understand. But that doesn't mean you will leave your job or quit everything and go hunt virtual images for nothing. Literally for NOTHING.

Everything has its own finite limit. Nothing looks preferably exciting or amusing when it gets beyond limit. It gets into a wrong zone of excitement where only destruction and downfall is promised.

Last night i saw on news that this guy who walked miles and collected around 4700 pokemons. Like how? HOW and WHY? I mean alright it's a cool entertaining game, again people are huge pokemon fan but isn't this all too much? Too much? This game has crossed every level of craziness to be honest.

My friends after college instead of getting a taxi, walk to the station just for collecting more and more pokemons. It's totally time wasting as a matter of fact. I agree that it is cool, addicting, and c'mon it's pokemon and you should play it. You should definitely play it for your amusement. M not saying don't. But again play it in a "limit".

So much has changed in this era of gaming. Where at one time we had super mario and now... COC then mili militia and now, pokemon GO. People are crazily getting serious about "gotta catch 'em all."
But one thing that's still not changed in this huge gaming revolution. Any guesses?
Rahul Gandhi still plays chota bheem. These kids nowadays you know. :p

Now i'm almost doubting Mr. Narendra Singh Modi, figuring out his purpose behind all the tours.
And now probably all the uber and ola drivers might be having maximum number to pokemons, getting familiar with each and every pokestop across the city.
This scenario of today's world running behind virtual images only indicate how much our mind can get entangled with these gizmos and gadgets; making us their slaves. And we willingly helplessly surrender all of our time and energy behind them.

-Tejal Sushir

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